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Buffalo NY VFW Post Scrapbook, compiled by Clement Romanowski

Welcome to my grandfather's scrapbook! This was started by Clement ROMANOWSKI of Buffalo NY, probably in the early 1940's. This was a VFW Post that was comprised mainly of veterans of Polish ancestry, so some of these articles are in Polish. I will post translations later. I believe that they used to meet in a bar or restaurant called the "Polish Villa" or "Polish Village" on Broadway. I have vague memories of going there as a little girl - its 2nd story exterior had white stucco with dark wooden beams.

Unfortunatedly, Grandpa didn't provide the dates or newspaper of origin when he compiled this book, so they have to be deduced by context. They're probably taken from the "Buffalo Evening News", "Courier Express", "Am-Pol Eagle", "Dziennik dla Wszystkich", and other papers or newsletters.

Later, I'll also provide an index of names of people who are mentioned, so that genealogists will have an easier time locating relatives.

Claudia B. Hill

If you'd like to see more information about my Polish, Buffalo-area family tree, go to this site by clicking somewhere on this underlined sentence.

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The article just lists the names of the people in the text.

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